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Fair News
The introduction of the implementation details to promote revitalization of key industries
"Under the general direction of adjusting the structure to maintain growth, focusing on promoting structural adjustment, accelerate the development of new growth points, to consolidate and develop the industrial economic recovery momentum." In Harbin participate in the national sub-provincial cities by the (trade) appoint a tenth director Second Joint Meeting of the Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei, confident in talking about Chinese industry to actively cope with the international financial crisis, the topic of the future. Speaking of China's industrial economic operation in the first half to overcome the enormous impact of the international financial crisis, reversing the sharp decline in growth momentum, effectively promote economic stabilization and recovery of the "victories", he reveals a joy Miao Wei, China's auto industry masterful discourse : "Under the guidance of national policy, see steady growth of industrial production rose, the overall profitability gradually improved in most provinces, municipalities and industrial growth accelerated in the first half of Heilongjiang Province, which is higher than the national industrial added value increased by 1.1 percentage points. Harbin three percentage points higher than the national fixed assets investment increased rapidly, stimulating industrial raw materials, equipment manufacturing production accelerate recovery. domestic market and rapid growth, supporting the consumer goods industry, electronics manufacturing running smoothly. expand consumption, stable export policy obvious effects. "

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